Heatproof Makeup

This post goes out to all of the ladies, who like me struggle with makeup melt off in the heat! Having oily skin, I’ve always carried the burden of having to reapply my makeup what feels like a million times every day, but since moving to the desert where it literally feels like living in an oven at times, I cannot tell you how hard it is to make my makeup stick! So, from my own personal experience I’ll share my go to products and routines that I have found to be fool proof in helping keep my makeup flawless all day long. 


Less is definitely NOT more when it comes to setting spray!

Setting spray is honestly your new best friend. And unbelievably, it should not just be used to “set the face”, once I realised this it was a game changer for me! My go to product is Urban Decay All Nighter, and my setting spray routine consists of the following: 3605971305887_allnighter

1)     Spray all over face before applying any makeup

2)     Apply foundation using a beauty blender or brush which has been sprayed with setting spray

3)     Apply powder (either powder foundation or a translucent powder depending on how much coverage you want) using a beauty blender which has been dampened with, you guessed it – the magic setting spray!

4)     Once you have completed all of your makeup, spray all over face and set with translucent powder.

Now that I’ve let you in on my secret routine, it’s time to share some of the products that I’ve found work best for me…

Fenty Beauty Foundation – For nights out, and when I need more coverage this foundation is literally the bomb! Ultra-long lasting, and the finish is so flawless. I do find that it oxidises a bit, so I’d recommend to buy a shade lighter than what you need.

Clinique Even Better – I’ve been loyal to the Clinique Superbalanced foundation for years, it’s a go to everyday lightweight foundation that really does what it says on the tin – or bottle in this case. I still love my Clinique Superbalanced, BUT recently I’ve wanted to make my base even lighter, UAE humidity and foundation really aren’t a match made in heaven. So, I’ve been using the Clinique Even Better foundation, which is ultra-lightweight but perfect for evening out skin tone and just creates a gorgeous flawless complexion when paired with powder.

Kat Von D Powder “Lock It Foundation Powder” – I bought this powder a while ago, wore it once and thought “eugh this powder is so heavy” and then I didn’t really give it a chance until recently. In a rush a few weeks ago, this was the first powder that I grabbed, I dampened my beauty blender with setting spray and very lightly applied the powder – low and behold it was the perfect finish! Moral of the story, try different application techniques and the product might just work for you.

Clinique Moisture Surge – I promise you this post is not sponsored by Clinique in any way! I’m just a big Clinique fan, and their moisture gels are literally the perfect base for long lasting makeup as they are not oily, creamy or too heavy.


With all this being said, the most important factor for makeup to look its best and stay put it is of course skin care. Skin that is nourished and cared for correctly will always look and feel a lot better. I fully believe that a more botanical approach to skin care yields better results, as it is important not to strip the skin of natural oils and dry it out. I’ve listed some of my favourite skincare brands below that really work for me:

  • The Body Shop
  • Lush
  • Liz Earle
  • ESPA
  • Bioderma

 I hope this has helped some of you beat the heat during the rest of summer, I could talk about makeup and skincare forever but I’ll cut this one now before I bore anyone! If you have any tips that I haven’t mentioned leave them in the comments 😊 x

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